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Tools for Web Design

One of the key elements for a website is web design. It helps a website stand out and be a cut above the competition. Professional web designers conceptualise, plan and build various electronic files that determine the colours, structure, layout, graphics, as well as text styles. Various tools at the web designer’s disposal help them achieve all this.Many experts in web design use Adobe XD. They find it very useful as XD enables them to choose a specific artboard size when starting a project, with the option of importing a user interface (UI) kit like Google’s Material Design. Additionally, it provides drawing tools that enable a web designer to define desktop or mobile interactions that give feedback to the designs.

Figma and Affinity Designer Tools

Figma is a must-have web design tool. It is a cross-platform design tool that is written in the universal programming language and allows several web designers to collaborate simultaneously by enabling web designers to share graphics. Figma is available as both a paid or free version. Figma is available on mainstream platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.On the other hand, Affinity Designer boasts non-destructive and adjustable layers making it a great tool for web design. Web designers can make a cross-platform adjustment to vectors and images without losing any work. Using the undo features, web designers can go back through over 8,000 steps. Furthermore, they can zoom in on intricate details which is useful when working with vector art.

Avocode and Sketch

Avocode is another multi-platform tool. It enables web designers to code websites from sketch designs and Photoshop. With Avocode, designers can use the Photoshop plugin to synchronize their Photoshop Document (PSD) with just a single click. Additionally, it automatically analyses PSD and Sketch files very quickly and makes UI suggestions. Web designers also benefit from full control of exporting assets.Sketch-Bohemian’s coding vector UI tool is a web design staple for every web designer. Sketch boasts small document files that enable a cross-platform designer to sort all their documents and make revisions easily with the help of its vector app. Additionally, the Sketch community provides its users with hundreds of plugins enabling them to work smoothly and easily.