Digital Design

Welcome to this site for digital design. Here you will learn more about digital design and how it can help with your business marketing and advertising strategy. The IT industry is constantly evolving, and the ways in which digital displays are used every day are widening.At present, digital designs help communicate ideas through different media platforms. Designing a new packaging for a beverage, for example, requires a different approach then designing a website. When it comes to digital design, you should differentiate it from other forms of graphic designs.

What’s Digital Design?

The process of creating digital designs involves modelling out graphic designs using devices like computers, tablets, or digital drawing tools for a variety of media applications. Some examples of digital design works include multimedia presentation, web ads, digital billboards and signage, and pitch decks.Digital designers use software products like Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Graphic Suite, and AutoCAD. The result of digital design work is the creation of images comprising pixels. The images are electronically generated and stored or displayed to allow further reproduction or viewing and processing.

Use of Digital Designs

The main purpose of having digital design projects is to help support web design. These designs allow linking and help direct users to website addresses which they can click. Another area you can use digital design is replacing print design where print solutions are obsolete.For example, you can use them to create digital billboards, presentation materials, or automated emails. The applications of digital design range from marketing and sales displays to web designs, animations and product designs. The design work acts as a link between print and web design.