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A Brief Introduction to the Design Aspects of an Affiliate Website

As e-commerce takes precedence over conventional spending methods, affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular method being utilised to earn online passive income, and potentially expand into the earning equivalent of full-time employment. Currently, the most effective method of affiliate marketing is an affiliate website. Other options are available, such as YouTube videos or a generic blog; however, a custom website conveys a more influential appeal. When creating an affiliate website, the first step is to plan and detail the website’s layout, design, and aesthetic allure. Websites are inherently visual and hence, ease of navigation, aesthetically pleasing contrasting colours, engaging graphics, and an intriguing backdrop are crucial. The affiliate website cannot be over-decorated and a balance between stylisation and elegance must be maintained. Multiple platforms and templates exist which allow an affiliate marketer to create their own website, such as WordPress, Wix, or Weebly. A custom designed website, however, is the preferred option over a template as it has the potential to adapt as the demands of the website change, whereas a common template is limited to its’ in-built features. The technical aspects of a website also need to be present. An affiliate website must be “responsive”, meaning it adjusts to the screen size of the viewing device. A floating top navigation menu and other widgets have also become the norm of websites and an influential affiliate website must adhere to this high standard. The technical information regarding the website’s focus, online poker, is present and recent articles are readily accessible via the right column, top navigation menu, or top search bar. In particular, the semi-transparent white overlay which is superimposed upon the stylised casino backdrop allows for a splendid contrast between the backdrop and text, while maintaining the aesthetic ingenuity of the backdrop. All images are the visual representation of their article’s subject matter, which are simply presented at the beginning of each article and are not overused. This maintains the focus on the information presented in each article, does not overwhelm the viewer, and compliments the text. The creation of an affiliate website may lead to a lucrative online business; however, it is an intricate process nonetheless.