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A Brief Introduction to the Design Aspects of an Affiliate Website

As e-commerce takes precedence over conventional spending methods, affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular method being utilised to earn online passive income, and potentially expand into the earning equivalent of full-time employment. Currently, the most effective method of affiliate marketing is an affiliate website. Other options are available, such as YouTube videos or a generic […]

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How to write a great online guide

There are thousands of online guides online, on every subject you could imagine and some you couldn’t, so how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? First, think about a title. Most people will search for a phrase starting with “how to”, so it’s best to begin with those words. Then, state simply […]

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Tools for Web Design

One of the key elements for a website is web design. It helps a website stand out and be a cut above the competition. Professional web designers conceptualise, plan and build various electronic files that determine the colours, structure, layout, graphics, as well as text styles. Various tools at the web designer’s disposal help them […]

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